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Resistance Training to Increase Endurance

When some people think of the word endurance in fitness, they tend to think of longer cardio sessions. Although that may be true, forgetting to utilize strength resistance training to build endurance can be a costly mistake.

In order to build up your endurance, you need strong, efficient muscles to keep your body going. If you are attempting to complete a 5k or a cycling race, you will need your leg muscles to be in shape in order to get to the finish line.

Proper nutrition is an important component to helping build up your endurance during the training process. Although complex carbohydrates both the night before and the morning of are crucial to keep you going during race day, protein is just as important during the prior weeks. Protein will help you continuously build muscle as you challenge your body through strength training.

As you train, incorporating cardio and strength training is an integral part of your daily fitness routine. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is excellent for both muscle strength and muscle endurance. As you work your heart increase your muscle mass, you will consume oxygen more efficiently, leading to increased endurance.

When you do the strength training portion of your workout, you will want to do higher repetitions in your sets if endurance is your goal. You will want to make sure to select the highest weight you can successfully complete. Also, you should take shorter rests between sets when looking to build your endurance.

It is important for continued muscle growth to not get stuck in a rut in your routine. Whether you want to do a different workout each day, or change your daily routine twice a month, switching it up will give you optimal results.

Form is key no matter if you are beginning your fitness journey or at your fitness peak. If you are unsure about how to complete an exercise successfully, it is important to seek the help of a professional. If you are looking to build endurance, you will want to make sure you are completing exercises safely and effectively. Personal trainers can be great, but many don’t have the proper certifications necessary to provide a safe routine. A physical therapist will help provide you with a safe personalized exercise routine that will help you complete your fitness goals.

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