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Victor Cruz, Road to Recovery and Patellar Tendons

New York Giant’s fans watched in pain as wide receiver Victor Cruz tore his patellar tendon against the Philadelphia Eagles. It was announced that he will be out for the season, but what exactly does the road to recovery entail?

The patellar tendon is attached to the bottom of the kneecap to the top of the shinbone. When this injury occurs, it must be dealt with immediately to avoid permanent weakness of quadriceps muscle and difficulty walking and doing other mobile activities. From the time the injury occurs, if treatment starts immediately, it should be about 3 months until normal activities can resume, and about 4-6 months until one should resume strenuous physical exercise such as sports.

Tears can be either partial or complete. Of course, a complete tear is worse, for it means the tendon has separated from the knee cap and straightening of the knee can occur. Even if only a partial tear occurs, it must be treated immediately.

These injuries usually occur during falls, or during jumping exercises. But, before getting nervous over a fall, learn the symptoms to see if you might have torn your patellar tendon. The symptoms include:

-pain and swelling in the kneecap

-bruising, tenderness and cramping in the knee cap

-the kneecap moving up into the thing for it is no longer attached to the shinbone

-difficulty walking and being unable to straighten knee

So what are the next steps in Cruz’s treatment? It is now time for him to heal from his surgery and will begin physical therapy exercises during recovery. Fingers crossed that if all goes well Cruz will have a successful recovery and should be up and running next season!

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