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Avoid a Thanksgiving Driven Weight Gain

Yep, it’s turkey season! We often dread thinking about the after effects of the Thanksgiving holiday. As a national average, Americans gain one to two pounds every year during the holiday season. Even though it doesn’t sound like much, those extra pounds tend to stay put in the New Year. Here are some helpful tips to help you avoid Thanksgiving weight gain.

So you can eat more at a holiday party you may skip a meal or two. Your plan will backfire on you because you will end up overeating. Instead, eat a light lunch with protein if you have a holiday get-together in the evening. To keep you from overindulging at the party have a small 100-calorie healthy snack.

The smaller the plate the smaller the stomach. People tend to eat everything on their plate even if they are already full, according to research.  When given a large bowl, people ate 52% more cereal than when given a small bowl, according to a Cornell University study. Also, you should not have second helpings; limit yourself to one plate of food.

Sorry to be a holiday party pooper but you should limit your alcohol intake. What quickly adds on the pounds is drinking, alcohol is high in calories. Also, alcohol causes you to eat more because it lowers your blood sugar.

Wine is a safer option, if you end up having a few drinks. It is lower in calories when compared to other beverages. Try holding off until you sit down for your meal, if you are having alcohol. A study shows that people eat a little less of their meal to compensate for the extra calories in their drink.

Don’t deprive yourself and don’t waste calories on things that you don’t love. A 50-pound weight loss was maintained for any years by Sue Thill of Des Moines by following this rule.  Keep a food journal of what you eat therefore you will become less tempted to overeat.

Do not devour the hors d’oeuvres. Savor your food instead of hovering near the hors d’oeuvres table.  Chew your food slowly, take small bites, sit down and fill a small plate. This will help you keep track of what you are eating, enjoy your food, and give your brain time to get the message that your stomach is full.

So you eat less high calorie foods, eat plenty of veggies which will help you fill up. Eat one pound of vegetables per day. Eating butternut squash soup, roasted root vegetables and spinach salad are great ways to improve your vegetable intake.

Knowledge is power. With these helpful tips you will not become a victim of the holiday weight gain.

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