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Help your Kids Excel with a Healthy Back to School Routine


Back-to-school shopping, planning, and yearly checkups oh my! When September rolls around we all think of one thing: school starting. Although you may think that most of the work in preparing your child involves shopping for new notebooks and backpacks, we have a few other tips that can make a huge difference in this back-to-school transition.

Fuel Your Day

The first step in a smooth transition into the school year is making sure your kids are fueled with foods that will give them energy and plenty of vitamins. Summertime is full of BBQs, going out, and having treats, so returning to a regular eating routine can be difficult for both children and parents. One way to make this transition easier is to start by making a list of foods your kids like and sticking it up on the fridge to stay on track. Ask your children to help with the list by choosing a fruit and vegetable each week. Consistency is key, so keeping lots of healthy snack and meal options on hand helps your family stay on track. It can be even easier on you by allowing you to prep a few meals ahead of time.

Bonus tip: try high fiber and protein snacks that will keep your kids full for longer!

Schedule Health Checks

Schedule health physicals, dental and vision appointments, and musculoskeletal checkups ahead of time to stay organized and minimize the amount of school that may need to be missed. Never heard of a musculoskeletal checkup? Call your local ACCESS PT office and schedule an evaluation for your child today! Our physical therapists can recognize posture, mobility, strength, balance, and coordination issues and address them before they develop into larger issues that could cause pain and impairment.

Try printing out our weekly planner for the fridge to keep your kids aware of appointments and plans for the week so they aren’t caught off guard.

ACCESS PT Weekly Planner

Get Moving

Dr. Jake Kleinmahon, an American Heart Association volunteer expert and pediatric cardiology director of Pediatric Heart Transplant and Heart Failure at the Ochsner Hospital for Children in Louisiana, emphasizes that “teaching children the importance of physical activity and building it into their lives can change the trajectory of their long-term health in a positive way.”

Kleinmahon goes on to say, “physical activity is well-known to improve rates of depression, anxiety, and emotional well-being in children.”

Kids involved in sports learn time management, communication skills, and how to receive feedback from coaches. Physical activity also allows children to express emotions through movement in a productive and healthy way. Kleinmahon explains that these skills help in the classroom and improve brain development. On the other hand the inability to regulate emotions may lead to disruptive behavior and loss of focus on schoolwork.

Back to school can be a hectic and stressful time of year for parents and kids, but it doesn’t have to be. Remember that routines don’t always go according to plan but keep at it and treat every day as a new opportunity for improvement. If back to school stress has caused you aches and pains, (because we all know there’s that ONE last minute school project you will be up until midnight helping with) be sure to call us or request an appointment at your convenience online so we can help you feel your best!




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