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How to Preserve Bones and Joints

As your body ages, bones, and joints begin to feel the impact of your increasing age. The deterioration of your bones and joints can lead to people being susceptible to major injury from falling and other contact. There are numerous ways to keep your bones and joints healthy and preserve the longevity of your joints.

Key criteria that leads to the decline of bones and joints are aging, weight gain, and poor diet, mixed with minimal exercise. Though all of these are important, it all starts with a nutrition rich diet. As an adult probably told you when you were younger, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” While this statement isn’t entirely true, it’s a good motto to think of when beginning healthy eating habits. A calcium rich diet can strengthen bones and leave them at a lesser risk of injury in the long run.  Although it isn’t exactly a facet in a diet, (or considered a food) supplements can actually have a profound impact on your health. If you can’t find or don’t like the taste of foods with certain vitamins or minerals, these supplements can replace them and deliver the desired nutrients to your body.

Joint and bone deterioration isn’t guaranteed amongst everyone but it is important to keep them active to prolong it. You dont have to be a world class athlete to keep active and help your body. Often low-impact physical activity is the best way to give joints and bones the exercise they need to stay healthy. For individuals already experiencing pain in both areas, walking just a half hour a day can relieve pain and build strength. Water aerobics is also an excellent form of exercise because it creates very little stress on your body.

Exercise coupled with a healthy diet can greatly increase the durability of bones and joints. Both are vital to mobility and should be tended to throughout life. More attention given to these areas will lead to more freedom for your body as it ages.

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