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Why Annual PT Exams Matter

In addition to seeing your doctor, it is very important to see your physical therapist for annual exams. By seeing a physical therapist, they can catch small aches or pains that could develop into tears or other serious medical problems. An easy way to ensure that you’re receiving your annual physical therapy exam is through direct access.

Direct access is a state-based law that allows patients to be treated and evaluated by physical therapists without a referral from a doctor or healthcare practitioner. This law can be very important in saving money by eliminating specialist referrals or unnecessary tests. In addition, self-referral can still be safe because physical therapists are trained to recognize the signs of problems that require more invasive medical procedures. In addition, many states have measures in place to govern the practice of physical therapy, such as only allowing direct access to therapists who have three or more years of experience.

During an annual exam, your therapist will work with you to assess your strength, balance, posture and flexibility in order to identify any abnormalities that can be addressed with some simple exercises. By making these annual trips to a physical therapist, you can ensure that you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

We feel like we have the best physical therapists around. Did you know you don’t need a referral to get help from a Physical Therapist? Direct access is available for you, please call us and set up an evaluation so we can help get you back on your feet. In Orange County we offer Physical Therapy in Chester, Goshen, Monroe, Port Jervis, and Montogmery. Westchester County has Physical Therapy in Armonk, Bedford, and Hawthorne. In Ulster County we offer Physical Therapy in Wallkill, while in Sullivan County you can get Physical Therapy in Ferndale. To round out our 12 locations in New York, those living in Rockland County can go to Physical Therapy in New City as well as Pomona.  If you happen to live in PA, we also have Physical Therapy in Milford and Dingmans Ferry of Pike County.  Give us a call today!