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Working Out but Aren’t Losing Weight?

When it comes to weight loss training, many are so determined to cut down their body fat, that they are willing to push themselves past their limits. This includes waking up early, putting time aside during the day, or staying up late to hit the gym. Despite this dedication, many are concerned with the fact that they are not losing any significant weight or seeing a positive difference. The following reasons may be the problem:

1. Choosing bad food after a workout. It may seem like a reasonable idea to eat some sweet treats as a reward, but it is doing your body no good. It basically defeats the purpose of working out in the first place. Common foods that people will eat after working out include smoothies, energy bars, muffins, breakfast sandwiches, and flavored coffees. These do not have any nutritional value and are high in calories and laden sugar. The foods that you should be eating include proteins like eggs, yogurt, milk, oatmeal, beans and lean meats. Healthy snack ideas include peanut butter on whole wheat toast, fruit, celery, crackers and low-fat cheese. There are so many delicious choices out there that will do wonders for your body. It is all about portion control and getting into the habit of making healthy choices.

2. Eating out of boredom. This often occurs when you are going throughout your day and eating because it is convenient. Eating whatever when you’re home, when you are driving and when you are sitting at the desk at work. These can all become bad habits because it leads to eating more than you need. It is also known as mindless eating because since you aren’t focusing on the meal, your body isn’t recognizing it as one. This can lead to being hungry soon after eating. A habit you don’t want to start.

3. Not eating enough during the day. Not eating breakfast or going to work all day and skipping lunch is a no-no. Eat breakfast everyday, it is required to get the nutrients and energy you need to get started. Skipping lunch and going straight to the gym is another bad idea. When we workout on empty stomachs, it forces our bodies to break down existing muscle tissue and taking away our energy. As a result, this slows down our metabolism and does not allow weight loss to occur. Don’t forget to eat!

Weight loss is no easy task but when choosing the best plan for our bodies, it will be a success. It should be a precious and thought out process because it is not only for losing those extra pounds, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle as well. Getting used to drinking plenty of water, eating the right foods that are packed with protein, fibers, good carbs and exercising is the best way to go. Portion control is one of the most important things to remember, especially in a country where we have meals at restaurants that are enough to feed entire families. Make eating healthy a lifestyle that you want for yourself, not something that involves self-control.

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