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Ask a Physical Therapist To Evaluate Your Movements This Spring

Many people spent time at home over the winter due to both the weather and limitations related to the pandemic. Now that the weather is warming up, many people are starting to venture outdoors and resume activities that they enjoy. However, resuming activity after a period of inactivity leads to an increased risk of injury.

Now that spring is in full swing, it’s the perfect time of year to make an appointment with your physical therapist for an evaluation. The warmer weather means more time spent outdoors participating in sports and other recreational activities that may be physically demanding. A PT checkup that includes an evaluation will ensure that you’re physically able to engage in popular spring and summer adventures, whether it’s exploring in the woods, tending to your garden, or swimming at your family’s lake house.

Physical therapists perform evaluations for a variety of reasons, including:

  • To identify areas of strength and weakness
  • To uncover issues or rule them out
  • To determine readiness to begin a safe exercise program
  • To improve sport performance (for both novice and elite athletes)

An evaluation is something that you can have done whether you have a nagging injury or are simply ready to kickstart your activity level after a long hiatus. Gaining an understanding of how your body performs during basic exercises such as squats and lunges helps your PT ensure that you can safely jump on a bike or into a pool this summer. A physical therapy evaluation can help you develop a lasting and fulfilling relationship with the activities you enjoy most.

Call your local ACCESS PT office to schedule your spring evaluation today!