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LSVT BIG Parkinson’s Disease Therapy

Nearly 1 million Americans are living with Parkinson’s Disease, and approximately 60,000 new diagnoses are made each year. Physical therapy can help patients at all stages of PD, with the goal of keeping them moving as well as possible for as long as possible. Many ACCESS PT locations offer LSVT BIG, a specialized treatment for Parkinson’s Disease.

What is LSVT BIG?

LSVT is a program that “trains” your brain to improve movements in both large motor skills like getting up from a chair to small motor skills like buttoning your shirt. It decreases your risk of falling, improves walking, increases balance and gives more confidence with daily activities.

What makes LSVT BIG different from other Parkinson’s therapies?

LSVT is different from other Parkinson’s therapies in that it is a one-on-one treatment session with a certified LSVT BIG clinician. Therapy sessions emphasize “BIG” movements to help patients reach their goals of maximal functional mobility. Sessions are one hour, 4 days in a row for 4 weeks, and are tailored to the individual’s needs. It includes daily homework as well!

What can I expect at my first session?

LSVT BIGYour first session after your initial evaluation will begin with a set of exercises that you will do at every session. These are done to improve BIG movement. They are done at every session to “train” your brain to think BIG. You will use various machines for endurance and exercises for balance and activities that mimic everyday activities that you are having difficulty performing.

I was just diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Should I start treatment now or should I wait until I see my symptoms change?

Yes, you should start treatment before you see a change in symptoms. Research shows that exercise can potentially slow further progression of symptoms.

Is this program helpful for advanced stage Parkinson’s?

This program can be helpful for advanced stage Parkinson’s. It is never too late to begin the BIG program. The program can be modified to suit your needs based on where you are in your diagnosis.

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, give your local ACCESS PT office a call. We’d love to help!