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Physical Therapy for Ankle Injuries

If you’ve sprained or injured your ankle recently due to sports or daily activities, strengthening exercises should be performed. With most sprains you feel pain at the side of the ligament right away. Swelling will occur immediately and the ankle will be tender to touch. If you feel a pop or snap, chances are you won’t be able to walk. Following an ankle injury you should be icing it for at least 24 hours. A physical therapists should evaluate you soon,after, where they can design a program for you to strengthen your ankle. Some sprains will require physical therapy to relieve the swelling and pain. Skilled hand movements called manual therapy and ice or heat treatments should be used by physical therapists. Severe sprains will require a special brace for extra support.

The swelling and pain will result in immobility of the ankle. Therefore a physical therapists will give safe exercises to restore full movement in your ankle. They know exactly what exercises to do based on the exact location of your ankle that’s injured. Special training exercises actually help your muscles learn and respond to changes in your environment like uneven surfaces. Stretches and electrical stimulation may also be used to help with the sprained ankle. When you’re finally able to put full weight on your ankle without pain your PT will most likely prescribe exercises enabling you to return to normal activities. Some challenges they may throw at you are standing on one leg or a wobble board. Once you could stand on one leg you are in a good position because most, if not all strength is regained.

There is no specific time frame that a sprained ankle will recover. As far as a torn ligament it can take around six weeks to heal, gain mobility and strengthen the muscle. If you have been injured and are experiencing pain of any sort feel free to stop into Access Physical Therapy & Wellness in the Long Island are. We will be sure to accommodate your pain with our special programs and get you back on your feet in no time.

Did you know in many cases, you don’t need a referral to get help from a physical therapist? Please call us and set up an evaluation so we can help get you back on your feet!